We are looking for Master & PhD students to work on a computational materials science&engineering project!

Research scholarships will be provided!

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Atilim Computational Chemistry Laboratory was established within the Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry Department in early 2014 to provide a focal point for theoretical and computational chemistry research at the Atilim University.



Our laboratory enhances research effectiveness and education via interchange of ideas and expertise through regular group meetings, building collaborations with other faculty members of the department, faculty and the other national and international institutions, exposing all members to the diverse set of chemical problems. Advanced computing is facilitated by the high performance computing facility provided by Atilim University and the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey.



Research interests of Atilim Computational Chemistry Laboratory mainly focuse on the design of carbon dioxide capturing systems, anti-cancer drugs, optoelectronic and semiconducting materials, computational materials science and engineering, computational materials design, chemical reaction modeling, chemical process design and simulations, petrochemical engineering, and chemical engineering applications of the artificial neural networks.


We are also interested in the dynamics of chemical reactions in the extreme environments like interstellar medium, besides astrochemistry, astrobiology, organometallic chemistry, and coordination chemistry applications.



The pseudo Jahn-Teller Effect, which plays a crucial role in high symmetry breaking, bending instability and in the deviations from Born-Oppenheimer theory, is one of the primary research interests of our research group.  


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